Candle Living ~ living in the light of candle ~
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The foundation of Candle Living is the passion in candle that we believe there’s no other electrical light that can be as lively and can provide such an ambience to the air as candlelight does.

Therefore, we delicate to produce the best quality, best design, and best aroma candles.  

In our company name Candle Living, we mean “living” in its present progressive tense of live (vt.) / life (n.). In this special tense we use, it represents our passion and dynamic and ambition in our work and also in our lives, living standard and lifestyle. We believe that life is not just a noun but a verb that is in progress, in a continuous tense and in a progressive tense that involve actions, dynamic and spirit

And this is the philosophy of Candle Living and this is the reason why we are so ambitious in creating high quality living accessory products to create a high quality living standard and lifestyle that we believe our clients deserve!

Give into your senses, and indulge yourself in our flavorful fragrance and romantic atmosphere of candle !