Candle Living ~ living in the light of candle ~
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The Foudation of Candle Living is the passion in the flickering candlelight that gives life to everything around.
With our very fast blooming business, is now fully delicated to our online shopping division for fast and easy one-click away shopping.

For wholesale and B2B partners, please visit us at See you there. Thank you.

Candle Living was found in 2004 in Hong Kong. It was founded with a passion in the candle of which is the foundation of our company.

The aim of our company is to promote an appreication for the decorative, aromatic attribute of candle as well as to provide the best quality candle to our customers.

Candle Living provides not only exceptional quality, but also a large variety of candles. Ranging from the most traditional pillar candle, votive candle and taper candle to the most contemporary designed decorative candle and the trendiest aromatherapy candle. They are all here in Candle Living.

With our based factory in China, we are currently developing our own brand-named, high quality candle for retail as well as wholesale. Upon request, we also do custom-made candles for event decorations, promotional gifts and wedding favors, etc. in a very competitive price and quantity.

Give into your senses, and indulge yourself in our flavorful fragrance and romantic atmosphere of candle!