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 Rose - Beautiful (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

As the icon of romance, our rose bouquet smell so beautifully as if a bunch of rose blossoming right in front of your eyes. 

 Lavender Aroma DiffuserLavender - Relax (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

Lavender is a classic relaxational scent in aromatherapy. Try this generic blend of lavender to ease your mind and spirit after a long stressful day.

 Jasmine Aroma DiffuserJasmine - Lovely (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

Jasmine is a very bright, uplifting and sweet kind of floral scent.

Characteristics of Jasmine aroma are: uplifting, sensual, strengthening.

 Lemon Aroma DiffuserLemon aroma - refreshing

Zesty Lemon with a hints of fruity sweetness to refresh our mind and soul. Cheer up your spirit with a squeeze of the lemon juice!

 Michellia Aroma Diffuser

Michellia - Sensuous

Michellia is an exotic white flowers from the Souther plantation. Aroma of Michellia flower is strong in the floral scent but sweet and fresh in the nature that creates a very sensuous and caress feeling.

 Lily Aroma Diffuser

Lily - Exotic  (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)
Top note of exotic Lily floral scent bring out by the middle note of cool tropical water scent that allure every senses.

 Green Tea Aroma DiffuserGreen Tea - Fresh (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

Very attractive aroma of a fresh brew green tea plus a blend of ginger sweetness to make you fell inviting, welcoming and refreshing

 Aloe Aroma DiffuserAloe - Renew (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

Like the plant of Aloe, it's refreshing, restoring and smells clean that mke the room smells new always.

 Eucalyptus Aroma Diffuser

Eucalyptus - Cooling

Minty like coolness feature of Eucalyptus herbal scent cools down every over excited eomtions.

 Rosemary Aroma DiffuserRosemary - Cleansing

Herbal rosemary scent have a very special characteristic of winter like coldness smell to bring clarity to your thoughts when you need an immediate cool down of your mind.

 Sandalwood Aroma Diffuser

Sandalwood- Clarity

It is long believed that Sandalwood aroma helps to concentrate and clear up the mind to create positive thinking. No matter its for the therapeutic effect or its exotic oriental fragrant, Sandalwood is a very mind calming scent to be used in restoring.

 Vanilla Aroma Diffuser

Vanilla- Welcoming

With an extra touch of vanilla floral scent, we made the usual sweetness of vanilla more refreshing than ever. And yet still warm, sweet and welcoming.

 Boss Aroma DiffuserBoss - Stylish

Modern. Stylish. Mellow.
Boss room fragrance fuses a mild scent of after rain freshness and a hint of vanilla bean sweetness on the top note. Added on the base note is the woody warm scent cedarwood to bring out the cozy feeling.

 Ocean Aroma DiffuserOcean - Peaceful(無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

The secnt of fresh air on the beach. A top note of sea breeze and base not of the sand scent. Create a seaside vacation for yourself at home.

 Cologne Aroma DiffuserCologne - Quiet (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

If you are looking for a subtle and lower one of fragrant scent that quietly blooms your room, Cologne is your choice. 

 Paris Aroma DiffuserParis - Adorable (無火竹支/籐支/木支 香薰)

Experience the dynamic Paris city without going to France! This adorable scent of majestic, romantic and delicate aroma will make you feel the air of Paris.